Exactly! Just take a look in our own country. After all, the same sells this idea of racial democracy, facilitated by miscegenation, when in reality racism is rampant here. In fact miscegenation, in my view, made ​​it more difficult to articulate a discourse in order to overcome racism. It is very difficult to surpass… » 2/16/12 8:54pm 2/16/12 8:54pm

Not really. Sexism in fact involves the systematic context of power. And historically, the power its in the hands of men, pointing out that as "a subset of the sexism" is problematic to say the least. Removes the historical and social context of the discussion on inequality suffered by women. Sexism works in a… » 2/04/12 2:45am 2/04/12 2:45am

Reading this thread, I found myself agreeing a lot with what you and Nic10 wrote, there is not much to add here. Brazil sells this image of racial democracy gained through miscegenation, when in fact we do not have a racial democracy at all, institutionalized racism here is a very serious problem, just watch the soaps… » 1/30/12 7:39pm 1/30/12 7:39pm